Sunday, November 12, 2023

2023 Israel-Gaza War: Hoping for Peace

Jews, Muslims, and Christians are all children of G-d and children of Abraham. I do not believe that G-d or Abraham take any pleasure in seeing their children fight. 

I wish we could talk less about rights and more about responsibilities. I wish we could talk less about what has been done to us, or what is being done to us, and more about whether we are setting a good example for the next generation.

I feel sad to see so much pain and suffering, so many miles away. There is so much anger and anguish on both sides. I do not know what the Divine plan is, but I know there is a plan. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. was right that love is stronger than hate. There can be imbalances in the short term, there can be many things in the short term, but in the long term there is only love.

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